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Digital Intelligence Services for Non-Bank Institutions

Bairong Inc. leverages its expertise in the financial industry to help non-bank institutions achieve digital intelligence transformation. It offers highly adaptable products and solutions to lower those institutions' costs of transformation and accelerate their growth.

Cooperation Case

Case 1:

Bairong Inc. Uses Discriminative AI Technology to Help a Licensed Consumer Finance Company Activate Inactive Customers. Reactivating inactive customers posed a challenge for a licensed consumer finance company, due to high costs and regulatory compliance issues. The company selected Bairong Inc. as its service partner, basing its choice on multiple factors, such as Bairong's open platform architecture and comprehensive practical capabilities. Bairong Inc. employed intelligent analysis and machine learning technology to quantitatively assess the intentions, traits, and risks of inactive customers with high frequency. The firm developed a service model and configured discriminative AI and other integrated operation strategies to increase customer response rates and the gross merchandise value (GMV) of loans. As a result, The company's credit application approval rate soared by 140% compared to previous data.In addition, compared to the market average, the company's credit approval rate and loan disbursement rate increased by 12.9% and 11.3%, respectively. These improvements enabled the company reduce costs and increase efficiency in reengaging both regular and inactive customers.