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Digital Intelligence Services for State-Owned Banks and Joint-Stock Banks

Bairong Inc. is a trusted partner of state-owned banks on their digital intelligence journey, helping them innovate and explore new possibilities in the financial field. Bairong Inc. has cooperated with state-owned banks in various ways, sharing its technological achievements in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and privacy computing to strengthen their digital infrastructure.Additionally, It has also offered intelligent analysis, intelligent marketing, and intelligent operation solutions to assist state-owned banks in expanding their businesses, such as customer acquisition through marketing, customer retention, and wealth management development. Bairong Inc.'s products and services have been widely adopted by the six major state-owned banks and twelve national joint-stock banks.

Cooperation Case

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Bairong Inc. Helps State-Owned Banks develop and Implement Their Inclusive Financial Services Strategic Planning. Digital inclusive finance is a new approach for state-owned banks to serve micro and small-sized enterprises. And it's in this context that a state-owned bank partnered with Bairong Inc. to utilize AI and cloud computing,creating a financial service ecosystem that is open, shared, cooperative, and win-win. Bairong Inc. conducted comprehensive visits and research on the bank's inclusive finance businesses and proposed an innovative model of "consulting + products + solutions". By Integrating AI and cloud computing with multiple business lines of the bank's inclusive finance, Bairong Inc. built a model that covers the full lifecycle of production and operation for those business lines. The model includes five aspects of digitalization: product digitalization, business structure digitalization, governance digitalization, risk management digitalization, and risk warning digitalization. It has significantly enhanced the bank's digital capabilities in inclusive finance. Since its launch, the model has served tens of thousands of micro and small-sized enterprises, achieving a very low loan customer overdue rate. Moreover, The bank also successfully promoted the model to dozens of branches across the country, facilitating rapid digital transformation in multiple regions and solving urgent problems for more small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Bairong Inc. Helps a State-Owned Bank Expand Its Retail Business with a Digital Marketing Plan. In recent years, major banks have adopted a large-scale retail strategy. A key challenge for this strategy is how to engage existing customers and generate more transactions from customers. A state-owned bank faced this challenge as it had a very low proportion of consumer groups among its existing customer base. Most of its customers hadn't been effectively reached or served. In mid-2021, Bairong Inc. completed the research on the retail business benefit enhancement project for the bank's entire retail business. Bairong Inc. customized an AI model for the bank, incorporating more than 500 feature functions across 9 categories of scenarios, including savings and asset management. The model demonstrated a strong and stable ability to differentiate customers, with Kolmogorov-Smirnov test results ranging from 0.35 to 0.55. As a result, the model helped the bank increase its marketing conversion rate by 2 to 3 times. Bairong Inc. also successfully integrated the AI voice service function of intelligent operation into the bank's retail business line. This function comprises two modes: Interactive Voice Response (IVR) + manual mode, and IVR mode. Compared to the previous pure manual operation, the two modes can save costs by approximately 50% and 90%, respectively, while achieving assessment results close to the 90% to 95% service standard of human service.

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Digital Intelligence Boosts Wealth Management Marketing, Increasing the Customer Response Rate of Joint-Stock Banks by 10 Times. Wealth management is becoming highly attractive to all banks. In recent years, a joint-stock bank has considered wealth management as an important lever to create more business revenue. The joint-stock bank introduced Bairong Inc.'s intelligent marketing solution into its operation, which brought profound changes to many links. The solution applied a model to filter out 25,000 high-quality customers based on marketing response. Then, it employed an intelligent management system to recommend suitable wealth management products to these customers. Consequently, the number of customers responding positively exceeded 2,000, with a response rate of over 8%. The marketing response rate increased by 11 times compared to the bank's original mode. The implementation of the digital intelligence operating model brought remarkable enhancements in the marketing response rate. More importantly, beyond the numerical changes, the bank achieved a shift from a product- oriented to a customer- oriented marketing mode with the help of digital intelligence in this project.