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Banking Digital Intelligence
Leveraging artificial intelligence technology to implement data classification services, providing targeted comprehensive rating and decision reports along with anti-fraud risk data products based on a deep understanding of customer business needs, extensive case practice, and anti-fraud risk data products, supported by an AI decision platform.
Consumer Finance Digital Intelligence
With advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and big data, along with profound industry insights, we offer comprehensive technology, risk management, and marketing empowerment to our clients, providing them with a complete digital intelligence toolkit. Through full-chain digital intelligence services, we support business upgrades, iterations, and optimizations, enhancing customer management efficiency, reducing operational costs, and promoting all-around business growth.
Wealth Management Digital Intelligence
Digitally, modularly, and scenically packaging wealth management services for clients in the banking, fund, and securities industries, covering the full lifecycle of wealth marketing scenarios. Taking a business-oriented perspective, it enables the flexible alignment of marketing resources and wealth management products, facilitating financial institutions to efficiently and cost-effectively accomplish marketing tasks, leading to cost reduction and increased efficiency.
Financial Leasing Digital Intelligence
Organically combining industry Know-How with AI technology, BaiRong Inc. has introduced a full lifecycle risk management solution for financial leasing. It innovatively employs the "B+C" model to control risks effectively, establishing a solid foundation for digital-driven operations and decision support for financial leasing institutions through optimized indicator system design.
E-commerce Industry Digital Intelligence
Combining a deep understanding and insights gained from long-term involvement in the e-commerce sector with AI technology, we provide digital intelligence customer management solutions. This empowers e-commerce enterprises to enhance consumer services, improve the efficiency of customer management, effectively reduce operational costs, enhance customer experiences, and promote rapid and steady business development.