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Digital Intelligence Services for mid-sized banks

As a leading AI cloud services provider with stable and comprehensive services, Bairong Inc. delivers practical and effective products and services. Leveraging its expertise and insights in the financial industry, Bairong Inc. has developed a systematic and mature methodology for financial digital intelligence transformation services. This methodology enables Bairong Inc. to provide comprehensive support to more than 950 regional banks nationwide in their digital intelligence transformation.

Cooperation Case

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Bairong Inc. Boosts Inclusive Financial Innovation for a Leading Rural Commercial Bank with "Consultation + AI". A rural commercial bank in western China faced challenges in developing inclusive financial businesses. To address the bank's business challenges and needs, Bairong Inc. designed long and medium-term strategic planning for the bank's digitalization transformation and technology development. The planning suggested that the bank establish a digital intelligent analysis and decision-making system, and reshape its business architecture based on this system. Bairong Inc. helped the bank improve its risk management strategy, processes, models, public opinion monitoring, and relationship maps, and optimize risk management processes for each business line. For pre-loan origination, Bairong Inc. used an anti-fraud model to effectively identify and intercept high-risk customers, greatly improving the automated approval rate and reducing the approval time and cost by more than 60%. For loan servicing, Bairong Inc. reduced the time taken to complete the approval process from 2-3 hours to 10-15 minutes by using an intelligent approval system. For post-loan management, Bairong Inc. built a post-loan management system to regularly track and detect the credit risk of existing customers, accurately predict high-risk customers, and guide bank personnel to take timely intervention measures, effectively lowering the proportion of overdue and non-performing assets.

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Bairong Inc. Helps an Urban Commercial Bank Grow Its Internet Credit Business by 30 Times in Three Years with a Full-Lifecycle Solution. In 2018, an urban commercial bank launched a large-scale retail strategy, with internet credit business as a central component. However, the bank encountered difficulties in meeting the regulatory requirements and found it necessary to improve its risk management, marketing operations, and the scenario-based ecosystem for its online business. Bairong Inc. analyzed the bank's existing strategies and helped optimize its internet credit business strategy, model deployment, and decision-making processes. Bairong Inc. also integrated its own modeling technology with the bank's internal risk management expertise, utilizing various AI algorithms, such as multiway tree, logistic regression, and LightGBM, to formulate highly accurate and interpretable strategies. In addition, Bairong Inc. established a model monitoring system , laying the foundation for continuous model optimization and iteration. Additionally, Bairong Inc. developed a customer risk evaluation system for the full lifecycle of the bank's online business assets, covering multiple aspects such as pre-loan fraud detection and credit evaluation, behavior monitoring during loan servicing, and post-loan management assessment. This system provided intelligent guidance for the bank's business decisions. As a result, the bank's internet credit business achieved an automatic approval rate of around 80%, representing an increase of more than 40%. The bank's risk management system was significantly enhanced, effectively identifying and blocking high-risk customers, elevating operational standards, and balancing risk and efficiency.